Traveller’s guilt: Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?

When I was recently invited to go to Hong Kong for three weeks, I almost screamed ‘yessss’ to my laptop screen. Okay, it was for an academic conference to present my new PhD, but besides the few days of the conference, I was going to have complete control over my timetable. The best part: all expenses, including flights, hotel and…

Have you ever felt guilty you're not getting the most out of your trip? I surely did!

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5 ethical and sustainable fashion brands you need to try

I’m all about second-hand shopping, mostly because it’s affordable and doesn’t require any new resources. However, if all of a sudden we all became avid thrifters, where would the clothes come from? Indeed, boycotting fast fashion can be done by choosing second hand, but it can also be done in another way: by buying new, ethical and sustainably made clothes.…

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