Hi, I’m Mili and I love shopping, fashion and styling! My friends constantly tag me in memes about the person with the most shoes, clothes and bags, and I can’t argue. I tried many times to be your standard fashion blogger, talking about my new coat or pair of trousers, but I quickly ran out of words. It just felt a bit fake and very much not like me. And also, buying new stuff all the time is tiring and e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. I just couldn’t keep up with it!

If you also find that you:

  • feel tired of fashion bloggers constantly showing and promoting the new ‘must have’ item
  • want to get the ‘blogger look’ without having to eat beans and toast for the rest of the month
  • think that instead of inspirational, the blogging community has become way too focused on consumerism and just buying more
  • care about the effects that your clothes have on the environment, other people and your budget

then this blog is for you. You’re not alone!

You don’t need to constantly buy more to feel validated, or relevant. But if you look at the alternatives, it seems like you can either:

  • become a hippie, dressed only in vintage clothes


  • wear high quality, multifunctional but BORING AS HELL monochrome sustainable clothes, which are also often so damn expensive

(no offence if you like these styles though – they’re just really not me)

For some reason, there is no middle ground. You can either jump on the trend bandwagon and buy the latest fast fashion item, only to see your favourite bloggers promote the next best thing tomorrow. Or you can never buy anything new and risk looking – and feeling- outdated and irrelevant, while convincing yourself that it’s the only way you can save the planet.

Launching Honestly Mili was my way of filling this gap and fighting the misconception that being sustainable is only for the rich people with classic style. Because I’m far from rich, and definitely into trendy and fun style, for many years I’ve bought pre-loved items and styled them to look brand new and on trend. In fact, people often compliment me on a 100% charity shop outfit, wanting to know where I got something from!

 It’s really calming knowing that my shopping habit is not damaging the planet. I’ve also mastered buying and selling second hand items, and even managed to make a living out of it! But you don’t have to create a business in order to enjoy ‘sustainable’ fashion – and you can still continue to buy the occasional Zara piece.

I can show you how to:

  • look stylish and fashionable on a budget
  • find the best pre-loved clothes and shop without any guilt
  • make money from your existing closet
  • create a trendy capsule wardrobe that will keep your conscience and bank balance at peace
  • cull your shopping habit and pick better fast fashion items that will last you longer

If you want to learn how to do that, join me on my quest to have a more sustainable lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be difficult or boring – in fact, it’s surprisingly easy and pleasant to know looking good can also feel good and do good!

I promise not to shove new items in your face with every post, because I know that if you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely want to go out and buy something similar!

I DO promise to:

  • wear the same items over and over again (but in different, inspirational ways)
  • teach you how to avoid falling into buying the next IT item (or at least, what to do after you stop loving it)
  • avoid preaching – because no one likes it!

Are you up for it?

If yes, join me on Instagram for some real-life inspo, on Twitter for the unfiltered opinions, Pinterest for some ideas on how to make boring outfits look glam,  and of course if you just spend all your life on Facebook (like me!), join me over there as well!

xx Mili