15 most wearable Autumn Winter 2017 fashion trends

This is a guide to the autumn winter 2017 fashion trends. 15 most wearable autumn winter 2017 fashion trends.Autumn Winter 2017 fashion trends – for some reason they always seem to divide fashion lovers much more than their spring equivalents. Maybe it’s the abundance of fabrics, textures and prints, or the much more heavy-looking models, but in all cases – autumn winter trends are not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s totally okay. However, if you’re a fashion lover or at least enthusiast, you’ve probably dabbed your fingers into Elle’s or Vogue’s fashion reports. Red, metallic, fur – all great, right? There’s just one issue- most of the looks from the catwalk are anything but wearable.

But don’t worry, I’ve prepared you a guide of 15 wearable autumn winter trends. You can start shopping and wearing them now, even though the temperatures are still quite high. This post is going to be a trend breakdown plus what to buy for the transitional weather, so that you can wear it later on when the temperatures fall down. In the video below I also show you how to style some of my own pieces that are very on-trend now. So check the video if you want more inspiration and how-to ideas!

The Ultimate Guide to Autumn Winter 2017 fashion trends

1. Red to toe

In case you haven’t guessed it – that’s head-to-toe red! It was definitely the most prevalent of the 2017 fashion trends, and it’s quite intimidating, right? At least for most people. I personally love wearing all red but even I think twice before going out in such a daring outfit. If you don’t want to look overly bold and aggressive, I suggest two options: going with a full-on look, but in a much calmer, muted shade of red, like burgundy and maroon.

What to buy

  • If you want to go for a total red look, a red dress is the easiest way to do so. Add some red shoes and muted accessories, and you’re good to go.
  • If you want to go for separates, a top+bottom in burgundy or maroon are a lot more flattering and forgiving.
  • A coat is a great option that will instantly pick you up every time you wear it.
  • Accessories, such as boots, bags or earrings are an easy way to add pops of red without sporting the full red look.
  • Finally, a red lipstick is always an easy way to be part of the trend without buying anything new.

How to style red

If you’re wearing red anywhere near your face, pick a flattering shade. When you wear the item, your skin should look brighter, more fresh and healthy. If you look tired, the red shade is overpowering your natural features.

Another thing to keep in mind is that red is the first colour our eyes see, so avoid wearing it in areas you feel conscious about.  Finally, be aware that the total red look can be perceived as quite an aggressive outfit. In case you’re feeling self-conscious, I’d stick to accessories and outerwear.

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2. Check me out

Gotta love how I name the trends, right? Anyways, checks are the second largest of A/W 2017 fashion trends, that by now you’ve probably seen them everywhere. Office wear seems to blend very successfully with our more casual style, and this is the beauty of the trend.

What to buy

  • A grey checked blazer is a classic that you may already own, and goes perfectly with office wear. It’s a great substitute for the black blazer, adding that little something to your office outfits.
  • When it comes to a checked skirt, pick a classic grey style with a modern twist. Add ruffles, embroidery, striped lines, slits and paperbag waists. Anything saying ‘this is not my office skirt’ is welcome (unless, of course, you want to wear it in the office, too)
  • Checked trousers and tops are very much up to your individual taste. If you’re picking trousers, stick to a cropped capri version for a modern look. Avoid low waist wide leg options which scream early 2000s!

How to style checks

You shouldn’t stop wearing your checks after office hours. During the weekends, pair your blazer or trousers with a dark graphic tee, or with red for a more on-trend look. The grey checks go amazingly well with whites, so any top or even a soft cashmere sweater can create a cosy, comfortable and stylish look. And of course, if all else fails, check + denim is a fail-safe combination that will give you major style points.

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3. Metallics

This trend started a few winters ago, but this autumn winter silver metallics were all over the catwalk. Inspired by space exploration, overdosing on metallics in real life can honestly lead to a headache. As you probably understand, the key here is not to look like a walking mirror, but rather to add an interesting accent or style statement, depending on how brave you feel.

What to buy:

  • If that’s your first season of trying metallics, start small.  Pick a cross body bag – it’s surprisingly versatile and a more fun version of the basic black bag
  • For all shoe lovers out there – pretty much any type of shoe works well in metallic. Loafers, mules and even ankle boots are the way to go. And similarly to the bags, silver shoes go with any outfit.
  • For the more brave, I’d go for a silver pleated skirt – they have this airy, city princess vibes which I absolutely love.
  • Finally, a metallic jacket can be the statement piece your closet needs this autumn winter. I’d personally go for a bomber as the metallic goes very well with its sporty vibe, however it’s entirely up to you.

How to wear metallics

I wouldn’t recommend going all out in metallics unless you want to blind everyone around you – the key is in the right amount of trend! Pick one, maximum two items (if they’re shoes + bag), and stick to that for a tasteful dose of metallic. I love adding a little colour to a metallic skirt, while keeping the rest of the outfit really simple. If you’re feeling unsure, stick to black, white and a combination of both for the best results.

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4. Tweed

Tweed has been on the catwalks almost every autumn winter, and it’s a trend as much as a classic. This autumn, you can go classic and stick to a monochrome palette of grey, black and white, or go all out with fun, colourful tweeds.

What to buy:

  • A mini skirt is the most versatile option – I’d steer clear of longer skirts in this pattern, as it can look too granny-ish.
  • A blazer – it’s a classic Coco Chanel item, so if your style is girly or preppy, a tweed blazer can add the finishing touches
  • A coat – truly, this is the easiest option and one that is unlikely to go out of style soon. Pick a heavier, knee-length coat with a feminine silhouette for the best styling options. You can virtually throw anything underneath and you’ll still get the major style points.

How to wear tweed

Since it’s such a ‘retro’ pattern, I like to combine tweed with the modern classics – slogan tees, ruffle tops and the occasional metallic for an unexpected touch. I would personally avoid a white shirt + tweed combination unless it’s for work, because it’s too much of an office wear for everyday life.

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5. 50 shades of Pink

Although red was seen all over the catwalks, its summer cousin – pink, was also present in all its variations. Two shades of light pink were included in the Pantone colour reports, making it definitely one of the biggest autumn 2017 fashion trends. Like it or not, pink is here to satisfy our more girly, feminine needs and it seems to be going nowhere!

What to buy

  • A light pink blouse is something you may already own from the spring, but if you don’t – it’s an amazing addition. It pairs well with lighter transitional items, and when the weather gets colder, a light blouse will contrast amazingly with a knitted skirt or a tougher checked blazer.
  • A light pink bottom is a great alternative to all the beige and grey shades we see all the time. A midi skirt can be great for work, while a shorter leather version can work amazingly with sporty items.
  • A pink bag or coat are not something everyone likes, but they can add an unexpected touch when weather gets colder and everyone turns to black and grey.

How to wear pink

While red can be powerful, aggressive and confident, pink is a lot more feminine, warm and neutral. Light pink compliments red amazingly, so paring the two colours together gives a fresh, modern combination. Pink also goes amazingly well with deep green, so if you choose to wear khaki, teal or forest green, make sure to add a light pink blouse or accessory for a modern twist to an otherwise dark look. For the more adventurous, a pink dress in shades of fuchsia and bright pink can add an unexpected twist to every outfit. And if all else fails – pink works wonders to brighten up an otherwise black, grey and white wardrobe.

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6. Polka dots

A fun note to the 70s, polka dots seem to come in and out of style almost every year. While last winter we were all about stripes, this season polka dots were everywhere! You may already own some fun polka dot items with red, pink or blue. However, if you want to nail the trend exactly for autumn 2017 – stick to black, white and navy polka dots, as they look more classic and can even be worn to work.

What to buy

  • If you’re a polka dot newbie, I’d start with a top in small white dots on a black base – it’s the most inoffensive of the prints, and it’s an easy way to add a print to a more classic closet.
  • For the more confident, a larger polka dot blouse, skirt or even dress can nail the trend exactly, while still looking fresh and modern.

How to wear polka dots

The more confident you feel, the larger the polka dots can be! I love pairing black and white polka dot items with red, pink, grey and even checked print. They also work with stripes for an unexpected but amazing outfit – just stick with similar size of the two prints. And finally, why not combine a black polka dot item with a white base one?

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7. Winter florals

In the last few years, florals seem to always be IN. While we saw many romantic, white based floral prints for spring and summer, this autumn it’s time to toughen up the look. Look for items with a black or grey base – they can still have lots of colour, but will give the appearance of a darker, fall-appropriate look. And don’t worry – if it looks like it could be your grandma’s couch or curtains, you’re getting closer to nailing it!

What to buy

  • Winter florals are absolutely abundant on the high street. You’ll be safe with a top, blouse or a dress. 
  • Floral embroidered pieces are very much in, so if you own an embroidered skirt, bag or top, keep it!
  • Floral boots have been everywhere – they are unexpected, a bit ‘too much’ for some, but overall they add this extra something to an otherwise boring combination.

How to wear winter florals

Since the base is black, winter florals go amazingly with darker shades. However, if you want to avoid the total black look, pick a shade that is on your florals (think red, pink, green etc), and pick your second item to be in that colour. I have a floral printed top which has lots of pink, so I love wearing it with a pink skirt to bring out the colours on the top.

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8. Midi skirts

If you haven’t got the memo already, midi skirts are no longer reserved for people above 40 or those of us who don’t like our legs. In fact, they are the hottest piece on the high street, and fairly so. The midi skirt is one of the largest 2017 fashion trends, and if picked correctly, can hide many ‘sins’ and actually elongate your legs. Plus, if you pick a trendy colour or print, you’re nailing 2 trends with one item.

What to buy

  • If you own a gingham midi skirt from the summer, don’t hurry to store it away – it’s still a key piece for this season! Plus, if it’s in black or red, you get double points!
  • A solid colour midi skirt can take you from work to date night to even more casual days. I’d stick with heavier fabrics like knits, tweed, velvet, corduroy.
  • Alternatively, a pleated midi skirt is a classic that doesn’t go out of style! Pick a silver one to nail the metalic trend as well, or stick to pink, red, navy or even green for a pop of colour.

How to wear midi skirts

Midi skirts are surprisingly easy to wear. For a casual, street style chic, pair with a slogan tee,  ankle boots and a leather jacket. You can also pair a midi with a casual lightweight knit for the transitional season, and add a light trench to keep you warm. Finally, for an office look, pair with a blouse or a light turtleneck in the colour of the skirt for a classy yet feminine outfit.

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Ruffles are definitely THE biggest of the 2017 fashion trends. They started early in the spring, transferred to the summer and are here to stay. Luckily, you probably already own a ruffled or frilled piece, so take it bravely into the autumn for extra style points. If you’re not a fan, I’m sorry – ruffles aren’t going anywhere, at least for the next 5-6 months!

What to buy

  • In case you’ve left the trend unnoticed, but you’re willing to try it now, start with a blouse with ruffled sleeves. I’d go for red, pink or in the most abundant check print.
  • A ruffled midi skirt is an amazing way to counteract the girliness of ruffles, since you’re taking them away from your face. Stick to solid colours, of pick gingham, checks or polka dots for the more experimental outfit.
  • A frill sleeve coat or blazer is the easiest way to wear the trend without looking like a cake decoration (like I was once told)

How to wear ruffles

Ruffles are very girly, so keep that in mind if your style is a little more edgy. Pair with a leather jacket for a contrasting look, or go all girly in pastel shades. If you want to wear it both on top and bottom, I would pick a top with minimal ruffles (like only the end of the sleeves) and let the bottom do the talk.

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10. 70s inspired / scarf trend

This trend to me is a counteract to all the horrible things happening in the world. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s unexpected and most of all, it’s a bit over the top. However, it’s still a very wearable trend that can give your autumn looks a fresh twist if done right.

What to buy

  • First off, why not check your local thrift store? Charity shops usually stock on ‘old-fashioned’ items, and you can grab a piece for under £5, especially if you only want to test the trend.
  • Look for bold, darker patterns that will be your style statement. Be aware that it will draw the attention to the part it covers, so avoid wearing it on top or bottom if you’re conscious about it.
  • A statement bag is very easy to wear and will bring an otherwise basic outfit to the next level.

How to wear the 70s trend

If you don’t want to look like you just dressed in the dark, stick to one statement piece only. For example, a statement blazer can be dressed down with distressed denim and a white tee. You can wear a crazy top under a basic dress or overalls, or under a dark blazer.

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11. Padded shoulders

While padded shoulders were exaggerated on the runways, you probably realise that they are a bit too much for everyday life. However, a slight oversize in the shoulder area can balance a heavier bottom part because it will make you proportional and hour-glassy.

What to buy

  • Look for blazer that has slightly harder shoulders. No padding, but just well-constructed shape. It will look professional, elegant and definitely it’s almost invisible, but will make all the difference to your outfits!
  • A wider-shoulder dress is also an amazing way to add a statement. You don’t have to go all Balmain-like with the padding, but pick a piece that has structure in the shoulder area.

How to wear the statement shoulder

This trend is definitely for those days when you need a confidence boost. Pair a statement shoulder top with high-waisted jeans or trousers, or add a pencil skirt. When it comes to blazers, you can dress them up or down with a pair of jeans and a graphic tee for a modern, fresh but still confident look.

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12. The power suit

Another trend that looked scary on the runway, at least for me, was the power suit. I am no businesswoman marching into the boardroom, but I still want to get that confidence that comes from matching two pieces.

What to buy

  • If you already own a pair of tapered capri black trousers and a black blazer, you’re good to go.
  • For a more transitional vibe, wear your white separates with a pop of red, grey or pink.
  • A red blazer and a red trouser/ skirt in matching colours will create the ultimate power suit.
  • Finally, grey / checked print separates are always a good way to stick to neutrals without being boring.

How to wear the power suit

This is where the fun begins! You know you can dress it up with a blouse, bla bla bla. But for an unexpected touch, pair with a band or slogan tee! If will refresh the suit faster than you can type ‘boring’! And finally, for a night out where you literally don’t know what to wear, why not take your black trousers and wear nothing but a nice bralette under your blazer? Daring? Yes! Sexy? Hell yes!

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13. Knits

Going back to a very easy trend, knits are back to stay! Softer or chunkier, deconstructed like the runway or with holes from wearing it all the time, it’s all up to you to choose!

What to buy

  • A soft, slouchy knit is the perfect pairing for a more tailored or strict skirt
  • A lightweight slogan knit in brighter colours will add a lot of fun to basic outfits
  • Finally, a chunky, grandpa style knit will keep you warm in the colder months to come.

How to wear knits

Of course, jeans + knit is a no-brainer. However, add a slouchy red knit to your summer gingham skirt, and your transitional outfit is ready. Pair knits with midi skirts for a feminine, yet chic outfits.

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14. Khaki

Greenery is the colour of 2017, and to me it’s nothing else but a khaki colour in disguise! While it may evoke military vibes, it doesn’t have to be worn that way only. Khaki is a good basic colour, and can substitute black and grey as the traditional colours to wear with red and pink.

What to buy

  • A khaki skirt is an easy to wear item because trust me, it will go with almost all of the items in your closet! It’s like an upgraded basic, and I’ve worn my khaki mini to death!
  • A khaki trench or jacket is an alternative to the grey, beige and black outerwear.
  • A khaki bag can be an interesting accent to go with your more bold outfits.

How to wear khaki

Although it’s one of the more ‘disturbing’ 2017 fashion trends, khaki green is surprisingly easy to wear. This colour looks amazing as an all green outift that is not all ‘in your face’. Add red accents like a bag and shoes, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, khaki separates mix well with yellow, navy and cream for a more muted, simple outfit.

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15. Statement earrings

In the last few years, we went from statement necklaces (circa 2012) to all dainty jewellery (2015) and now we’re back to statements, this time on our wears. If you evoke statement earrings with pain, don’t worry! This season’s items are made from lightweight plastic, wood or metal that is comfortable to wear for more than 15 minutes.

What to buy

  • Well, statement earrings! The bolder, the better!
  • If your items are mostly solid colours, stick to one colour earrings for a balanced, classy look.
  • If you love your prints, pick earrings with checks, polka dots, feathers and tassles.

How to wear statement earrings

As I said before, a statement red earring would compliment amazingly a solid red piece on you, be it a top or bottom. You can add a statement earring to a midi + slogan tee combination for an extra oomph, or stick to a jeans + blazer + tee outfit and let the earrings be the focal point.

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Okay guys, if you made it to the end of this ultimate autumn winter 2017 fashion trends guide, congratulations! You just read 3,500 words – more than some people read in a week! So be proud, create a shopping list of all the items you plan to add to your closet, and happy experimenting! After all, this autumn winter it’s time to have fun with our clothes.

Whats your favourite wearable trend for the upcoming season? What items will you be picking?